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Voice worth something.

HeartBout is a unique place where your voice worth something and creators of quality content are truly appreciated.

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For billions of people, expressing themselves, on online platforms by creating photo / video content and voting, has become a necessity, where the vast majority of users are not paid for for their quality content and time spent on evaluating whose post has the highest value. 
HeartBout is an app where users get paid for creating content and voting for it! By voting, the community inside HeartBout determines whose content has the highest value!
How it works

Earn when you post

HeartBout is internet’s unique place where one’s creativity is truly appreciated. Post interesting photos/videos about art, travel, history, popular movies, or publish entertaining, humorous content, where thanks to the payment of HB tokens and special sorting of posts, in the app quality content promotes better than anywhere else. More hot hearts – more HB.

Earn when you vote

Every user is valued at HeartBout. Getting paid for taking time and voting for someone’s creativity is as fair as it gets. HeartBout - place where by voting users get paid.

Monitor heart power

Heart power - affects the reward of the voter. Spend heart power thoughtfully, the greater the power the greater the reward in HB. After each 10’th vote, power is reduced by 0.2. The recovery of 0.2 power occurs every 9.6 hours. The maximum power is 1, and the minimum is 0.

Compete with friends

Let the battle for content begin. Using ‘Bout’ feature users can place bets and run content comparison challenges. HeartBout’s audience votes and decides the winner.


Social network HeartBout will offer different ways to communicate. Within the application, users will be able to chat, share publications and tags, discuss bouts and their conditions.

Reward author

Sometimes you’d like to give a little more than just a vote for those who produce something remarkable. Rewarding others in HB helps to show appreciation.

Be up to date

With the "Activity" function, HeartBout users are always aware of the actions of their friends. For example, learn about new subscriptions, what interesting publication they voted for.

Look for interesting

Using search, HeartBout users can search by hashtag or use a selection of the most popular tags to find users and learn about interesting recommendations.


Through the "Wallet" function, users can track for which publications HB tokens were awarded to authors and voters.

HeartBout Token

The HB token is a virtual currency of the social network HeartBout, users with HB token will be able to pay for a premium accounts subscription and reward authors for interesting posts.

HeartBout Token

HP — HeartBout advertising token, this token is tied directly to ad impressions in HeartBout where 1HP = 1 impression. The amount of HP token reflects the advertising capacity of the social network.