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HeartBout is a social network based on the blockchain technology with a decentralized system to encourage user activity.

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The purpose of creating the HeartBout social network was the ability to convert the time spent on the network into the income for its users. HeartBout will become the platform where all participants, both authors and voters, get profit for their activity. The design and functionality of the HeartBout social network are developed to meet the inter-
ests of the different social categories representatives. Both photos and videos without restrictions, as well as links to videos from various popular video-social resources, such as YouTube etc can be posted on the HeartBout social network.
How it works

Be Popular

The social network HeartBout will provide all its users with the ability to compile and fill its content by uploading photos, videos, creating tags that contribute to the further promotion of publications, as well as there is the possibility of adding links to videos from popular resources. At the same time if author’s content receives hot heart he/she will get token HB. What is important, the more interesting the publication the more HB

Earn when you vote

In the social network HeartBout users will be able to evaluate publications with the help of hot and cold hearts. Users become not only the creators of their feed, but also take a direct part in the formation of the content of the entire social network by voting, for which they also get reward! Carefully evaluate the publication, the sooner the user will evaluate the publication, which is potentially interesting and popular, the greater will be his reward in HB for the vote.

Monitor heart power

Heart power - affects the reward of the voter. Spend heart power thoughtfully, the greater the power the greater the reward in HB. After each 10’th vote, power is reduced by 0.2. The recovery of 0.2 power occurs every 9.6 hours. The maximum power is 1, and the minimum is 0.

Compete with friends and place bets

With the unique function "Bout" users will be able to challenge the publications of other members of the social network, as well as offer their own versions of photos and videos for comparison. At the same time, the bets placed by each of the opponents will allow them to earn, as well as users who voted for the winning side. Earn in the app and buy HB tokens on exchanges and place bets – the competitive spirit will not leave anyone indifferent to the bouts in HeartBout!


Social network HeartBout will offer different ways to communicate. Within the application, users will be able to chat, share publications and tags, discuss bouts and their conditions.

Reward author

Using the function "Reward" users of HeartBout can reward authors with HB tokens, motivating the creation of exciting publications and to influence the formation of shared content in social network.

Be up to date

With the "Activity" function, HeartBout users are always aware of the actions of their friends. For example, learn about new subscriptions, what interesting publication they voted for.

Look for interesting

Using search, HeartBout users can search by hashtag or use a selection of the most popular tags to find users and learn about interesting recommendations.

Keep track of your earnings and spending

Through the "Wallet" function, users can track for which publications HB tokens were awarded to authors and voters, as well as send HB to other users and output to the exchanges where it is traded.

HeartBout Token

The HB token is a token of the social network HeartBout, designed to encourage user activity, depending on the value of the token on the exchanges, the cost of advertising in HeartBout will depend, also users with HB token will be able to pay for a premium account subscription and award authors for posts.